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Medicinal Garden Collection [no goldenseal]: $162.98

Medicinal Garden Collection [goldenseal rhizome]: $170.98*

*Remember that the Goldenseal rhizome will be sent *outside* the can, in root form. The rhizome will be sent in a vacuum sealed mylar bag with dampened vermiculite; it is important to *plant the rhizome* within a week or so, to assure viability. Seed germination takes two to three years, with less than 20% viability rate, so the only realistic way to propagate goldenseal is from the rhizome.

All products are 100% full money-back guaranteed.

Shipping charges run $12.50 within the Cont. US for USPS Priority Mail, insured and tracked. If you prefer UPS or Fed Ex, please contact us for specific pricing to your address: shipping charges are actual costs and represent no profit to Everlastingseeds.

Delivery time: allow ten days from order time for delivery of your “Garden in a Can”; if you require faster delivery, please notify us and we’ll work with you to expedite your order.

NO client information is EVER shared with ANYONE.

Contact email address: gardener@everlastingseeds.com

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Medicinal Garden Collection [no goldenseal]
Price: $162.98

Medicinal Garden Collection [goldenseal rhizome]
Price: $170.98