Organic Green Coffee Beans
For Long Term Storage

It's hard enough to consider the money problems that face us, which could result in profound changes, but to contemplate this without Coffee is, frankly, too 'grim' to entertain!
Excitingly, Everlasting Seeds has stabilized Green Coffee Beans for an impressive six years while maintaining the beans' superior flavour.
We are pleased to offer three types of organic, hand-selected Coffee Beans imported from the finest growing areas in the world:
1. Organic Columbian - Our overall favourite; a coffee bean that incorporates the perfect balance of aroma, body and acidity. The Columbian bean yields a mild, yet full-bodied coffee that accepts roasts from light, 'half crack' roasts to the very dark 'Full City Plus' roasts.
2. Organic Brazilian - This bean is noted for its exceptionally clean flavour and aroma. It lends itself especially well to darker roasts and is often the first choice for those desiring espresso/Vienna roasts. Noted for its low acid, the Select Brazilian bean is a good choice for darker blends.
3. Organic Peruvian - A good everyday coffee that brings a slightly greater acidity - and sweetness - to the roasted bean. Its interesting 'brightness' leaves a clean, 'complete' taste. Having received a rather bad rap due to exports of poorly selected beans, the Peruvians have corrected this as these hand-selected beans roast exceptionally well.
We are pleased to offer all three varieties in two sizes: our one pound 'clam chowder can' size, and the larger No.10 can that holds five pounds. O2 and dessicants stabilize our beans, which have been tested over a six-year period and they yield an excellent cup of coffee.

We have included a small Roasting Guide covering the basics of the roasting process. The guide describes the basics of air pop, stove top pan, and the "Whirly Pop" closed pan methods of roasting. Additionally, we offer the "Whirly Pop" popcorn/coffee bean roaster, as it's the best method we've found. On our special order page, you'll find a combination of coffee bean types with the "Whirly Pop" included.

For your convenience, we also include a heavy duty thermometer so the beans are ready to roast right out of the box.

Click the link below to see our bean varieties, roaster, and thermometer combinations. If you can't wait and choose to roast the beans now, get set to enjoy one of the finest hobbies that one can embrace!



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