Being Gardeners Ourselves, we've been concerned by the growing [pun intended]
use of Non-Hybrid and Genetically Modified Seeds and their impact on both our
personal health as well as our Rights to Self-Sustaining gardening and agriculture.

Now, more than any time in Our Country's History, it is critically important for each of
us have the opportunity and ability to return to and embrace a more self-sustaining
lifestyle&and crucial to this independence is the ability to produce a significant,
perhaps majority, of our own food. Key to this is, in fact, access to reliable sources
for Non- Hybrid Seeds, that will allow us to harvest, replant, and replenish our Gardens
without further Outside Help.

It is to this end that we have gathered the very finest Heirloom Seeds in our Garden and
Herb Collections. The Seeds we offer are not ones we've grown: rather we've gathered
the very finest Heirloom Seeds from professional growers. We review germination and
viability rates, past growing histories, and plant viability: all our seeds are certified
Organically Grown.

Our Individual Seed Packets are carefully weighed, and ALL exceed our guaranteed count
of at least Sixty Seeds per package. We realize that Our Clients and Fellow Gardeners
Depend on us for both Quality and Honesty: we understand that a Family's Garden may
mean the difference between eating and going hungry: we'd rather give you sixty or
seventy seeds, rather than take the chance of falling short of our Count Promise-So, we
set our scales to register a minimum of ten percent OVER the promised Sixty Seed count.
Naturally, all our products are unconditionally guaranteed.